Changing frequencies - changing transmitters? Power?

Ric Werme
Fri Nov 17 16:49:28 EST 2006

Joe Ross wrote:
> > Ric Werme wrote:

> > According to ,
> > WCRB transmits 8 Kw from Waltham and
> > WLKB transmits 27 Kw from Lowell.

> This can't be right.  I believe WCRB 102.5 transmits from the FM-128 
> tower in Newton/Needham, ....

I ignored the antenna height info because I don't have a good understanding
how it all fits into the surrounding terrain and assumed the heights would be
about the same.  Wrong, the difference is substantial,
199 meters above average terrain for WLKB, vs.
351 for WCRB.  I should've noticed that!  I assumed WCRB was broadcasting
from a tower outside their studios in Waltham, and I wasn't sure if the map at
was saying otherwise.  (Or how much faith to put into its data.)

Figured I wouldn't be able to get much by the DXers and others here. :-)

I don't see a post from dan.strassberg that should be here, but he noted that
both stations are full Class B FMs, and have the same effective power, so that
pretty much makes pointless exchanging transmitting locations.

	-Ric Werme

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