Boston Herald Article On WBUR

Laurence Glavin
Thu May 18 17:50:11 EDT 2006

The Boston Herald for May 18th ran a substantial piece about
WBUR's recent success.  (Some of it attributed to Howard
Stern's departure from terrestrial radio!)   Read it at:

One item not mentioned in the Herald story...the power-increase
and modified DA WBUR installed last year.
I wonder if there will be a follw-up about WGBH-FM's relative 
inertness after the big changes one year ago.
I checked, and after all the upheavals at the
89.7 dial spot, there was a minimal uptick in the ratings (about 1./10th
of a %) and TSL.

Laurence Glavin
Methuen (A river runs through it) MA
My house is near a wetland that successfully absorbed most of the flooding; 
I had electricity, heat that I hated to have to turn on, and cable


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