whats up with HD radio

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1) No monthly fees--just the currently steep initial-purchase price.
2) No Walkman-style receivers yet. Not clear when these will arive. Few car
radios so far, but they are surely coming. Several tabletop or
boom-box-style models now.
3) The multiple channels are only for FM stations. AM is limited to a single
channel per station. This doesn't HAVE to carry the same program as the
analog channel, but there would be practical problems it if didn't. If the
digital signal drops out (a common occurrence in car radios), the radio is
supposed to drop back into the analog mode, where if everything is working
as intended, the same program would continue uninterrupted. Running
separate programs on the AM and digital signals would disable this feature,
possibly rendering the digital reception unacceptable in all but the
strongest-signal areas.

Somebody else will have to answer your question about what programming is
available on the HD2 channels of Boston FMs. I don't think any of the
formats you listed is available. The most likely purveyor of CCM would be
Salem (WEZE, WROL, WTTT). Since these are all AM stations, they couldn't
have HD2 channels. Also Salem has stated that it is adopting a wait-and-see
position on HD Radio--at least on its AM stations.

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> I've been hearing stuff about HD radio.  and I have a few questions.
> 1)Is there a monthly fee like satellite radio?
> 2) are the radios stationary for the house, for the car or portable like a
> 3) I hear that stations that are out there now can have multiple stations
at the same times.  So how are the choices. The music type I'm looking for
are Contemporary Christian music, Gaelic(Irish), and show tunes.
> Thank
> Chris Fuccione
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