Simon, Globe: interferes with FM recep

Bob Nelson
Thu May 18 15:16:31 EDT 2006

" attract listeners who want a low-cost option, both XM and
Sirius have licensed ''do it yourself" plug-in receivers that can be
used in a car or with a home stereo. These plug-in receivers, known as
FM modulators, usually contain small, low-power wireless transmitters.

"''We have gotten numerous complaints," says William Kuhlman, chief
engineer of MIT station WMBR-FM (88.1). Listeners trying to tune in to
this small MIT-based station, he says, ''hear bits of Howard Stern
bleeding through into our morning shows when they commute to work."
The problem is national. The Vermont public radio system in particular
is encountering difficulties with its new classical radio network,
according to Scott Fybush, editor of the Rochester, N.Y.-based
NorthEast Radio Watch."

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