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Dan Strassberg
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I believe that Bud Ballou's real given name was Dudley, so he was not the
real-life embodiment of the Bob and Ray character, Wally Ballou. But you
can kind of see why he would have preferred Bud Ballou to Dud Ballou. Now a
new trivia question: What national talk-show host currently on the air in
the Boston market also has the real given name of Dudley. (Hint: His on-air
monicker is arguably closer to Dud than to Bud.)

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> On 7 May 2006 at 21:17, Donna Halper wrote:
> > Bud Ballou died suddenly in April of 1976-- there were lots of
> > rumours, but the only thing the obit said was he died of an aneurysm,
> > as I recall.  He was 34.  He has been on two top 40 stations in
> > Syracuse before coming to Boston-- I think he came here sometime in
> > mid 1965.
> I remember him in 1971, I think, introducing Buffalo Bob Smith to a
> college audience at New England Life Hall.  A friend of mine was
> going to Suffolk University at the time and got me a ticket.  At the
> end of the show, Bud Ballou came on stage, and Buffalo Bob sang,
> "Here's a friend of Howdy-Doo / And his name is Bud Ballou..."
> Was that his real name?  I keep wondering whether he named himself
> after the Bob & Ray character Wally Ballou.
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