Soxless Boss

Garrett Wollman
Sat May 6 13:21:49 EDT 2006

<<On Sat, 6 May 2006 07:46:54 -0400, "Dan Strassberg" <> said:

> NO auxiliary transmitters?

I didn't say that.  In fact, I didn't mention backups at all, since I
don't know what any of the stations will be doing for backup.  I'm not
sure if Grady said anything about backups.

> question, with Charles River Broadcasting folding its tent, is there really
> a reason any longer for moving from 750 South St?

Does Charles River own that parking lot?

> Also, while I can believe that WRCA, which will run 25 kW D, would
> be allowed to use a 50-kW box,

It doesn't need to.  They're getting a BE 4MX25.  So is WUNR.  Since
these are solid-state transmitters, there's no issue with odd or low
power levels (other than efficiency).

> And do CCU/Beasley/Champion propose any backup power at the Newton
> site?

Don't know.  Grady did say that the zoning restrictions mean that
(other than replacing the towers) they cannot make any alterations to
the exterior of the building, which is why the stations are buying the
BEs -- they are the only transmitters small enough and efficient
enough to fit three stations in the old building.


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