Soxless Boss

John Francini
Fri May 5 13:21:36 EDT 2006

Well, published reports had the Entercom CEO personally taking over 
the negotiations with John Henry, et al, and numbers as high as $20 
Million have been discussed.

This was, of course, the subject of great mirth on yesterday's Big 
Show, as Glenn and company compared how much money Entercom corporate 
was willing to throw around compared to their inability to get {cups, 
replacement light bulbs, a TiVo box, etc.}


At 13:04 -0400 5/5/06, Bill O'Neill wrote:
>Scott Fybush in a Friday morning update to his NERW at 
>  confirming that GM is out of the Red 
>Hose deal. Wonder if Entercom upped the value. I can't see how 
>losing the franchise could be good for the sports talker, all the 
>while witnessing the birth of an FM player in the market.
>Bill O'Neill
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