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Shawn Mamros mamros@MIT.EDU
Sat May 6 12:51:31 EDT 2006

Rob Trovato wrote:
> "...because we're an AM company!"  All of our big
> money makers are big 50kw full-service stations. 
> Thats the way it is....and thats the way it's always
> gonna be!"

Didn't the FCC at one point mandate that simulcasting an AM on a
co-owned FM would no longer be allowed?  I thought that was the
reason for a lot of the owners of the big AMs to spin off their
FMs, including Westinghouse.

Bill O'Neill replied:
>Makes you wonder if that Westinghouse guy was related to the same guy 
>who said, "....we're a refrigerator company!  All of our big money 
>makers are big, metal appliances.  That's the way it.......

Seriously, for the longest time it seemed that Westinghouse Electric
couldn't figure out exactly what they wanted to be.  Were they in
the appliance business, or the broadcast business, or did they want
to build nuclear reactors, or what?

I recall a friend of mine in college - this would've been the
mid-1980s - went for a job interview with Westinghouse.  He expressed
admiration for their broadcasting business, only to be told by the
interviewer that Westinghouse was planning on getting out of broadcasting.
Given the parent company's frequent weather shifts, perhaps it was true
at the time, but you have to wonder where that interviewer wound up
when Westinghouse finally wound up divesting all their non-broacast
businesses and acquired (and took the identity of) CBS.

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