Globe on Greater Media's Sox pullout

John Francini
Sat May 6 12:09:46 EDT 2006

I can understand that -- to a point.  There've been more than a few 
times that the talk shows have been more than a little critical of 
various things that have happened either on the field or in the front 

However, they don't quite get the show-biz maxim that "any publicity 
is good publicity" -- those critical discussions GET PEOPLE TO TUNE 
IN, both to the shows and to the games themselves.  They strike me as 
being huge control freaks. People are going to talk. And, since it's 
Boston, they're going to "analyze and dissect" every tiny action that 
takes place anywhere within the confines of Fenway Park.  It comes 
with the territory. Regardless.

Actually, maybe they do, and it's why they held out for such a huge 
deal, if Sean McAdam's blog entry is to be believed.

I suppose that if the games go to WRKO, WEEI-AM will likely pick up 
Fox Sports Net--the way they do now when the Patriots are playing--so 
they won't have to have their local talent compete with the 
broadcasts themselves.

I suppose it depends on _why_ the games get moved to WRKO.  If it's 
because WRKO has a marginally better signal in some parts of metro 
Boston, it would make sense to do the format swap.  If it's because 
the Sox want to try to keep the game broadcasts and the talk about 
the games separate, then I suppose Entercom will keep the formats 
where they are...


><<On Sat, 6 May 2006 11:56:30 -0400, John Francini <> said:
>>  Would it not make sense, if this is indeed true, for Entercom to move
>>  the entire WEEI format (and, obviously, calls) to 680 and put WRKO on
>>  850?  This would keep the synergies of having the sports talk AND the
>>  sports broadcasting together, where they belong?
>It's entirely possible that the Sox didn't want to have the games on
>the sports-talk station.

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