Globe on Greater Media's Sox pullout

Bob Nelson
Sat May 6 12:03:39 EDT 2006

On 5/6/06, John Francini <> wrote:
> Would it not make sense, if this is indeed true, for Entercom to move
> the entire WEEI format (and, obviously, calls) to 680 and put WRKO on
> 850?  This would keep the synergies of having the sports talk AND the
> sports broadcasting together, where they belong?

I had suggested that as a possibility earlier:

WEEI AM 680--D&C, Dale & Holley, Big Show, Planet Mikey or Sox, Fox
Sports, Celtics
(unless they put them on 850)

WRKO AM 850--Scott Miller, DePetro, Rush, Howie, Taste of Boston, Savage, Noory

The Sox deal (as reported in Prov. Journal blog) with Entercom is said
to be $20 million a year for 10 years. So if they did a frequency
swap, expect to remain that way for awhile

$20 million? Well, that pays the contract of ONE Sox player. That's what Manny
Ramirez is guaranteed until the end of 2008 (with team options for '09
and '10 at
same price)

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