Globe on Greater Media's Sox pullout

John Francini
Sat May 6 11:56:30 EDT 2006

Would it not make sense, if this is indeed true, for Entercom to move 
the entire WEEI format (and, obviously, calls) to 680 and put WRKO on 
850?  This would keep the synergies of having the sports talk AND the 
sports broadcasting together, where they belong?


At 11:26 -0400 5/6/06, Bob Nelson wrote:
>Globe article
>"Greater Media had been the favorite to win the deal this week, but
>during several hours of meetings at Fenway Park in the owners' luxury
>suite Thursday, the two sides could not agree on final terms...When
>Greater Media walked away, it left a rich deal on the table: $140
>million over 10 years, plus an $8 million signing bonus and the
>ownership stake, according to one account."
>The article also says that while WBOS "set a billing record" for the
>month of May, it is still the lowest rated of GM's Boston stations.
>Peter Smyth did express "strong support" for the station but wouldn't
>rule out a sports talk format, even without the Sox
>("left the door open")...

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