New England classical stations

Garrett Wollman
Tue Mar 28 14:11:40 EST 2006

<<On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 08:03:37 -0500, "Doug Drown" <> said:

> If WCRB and WFCC's new owners drop their classical formats,

There isn't yet a deal for WFCC, so nobody knows what's going to
happen to it.  Nassau would be an obvious buyer, although I think
they'd have to spin one of the "Frank"s if they wanted both Charles
River stations.

People are starting to wonder about the delay in closing the deal for
WCRB.  Normally a deal like this would be done by now, but they
haven't even filed with the FCC yet, which suggests that Charles River
and Greater Media are still haggling (over the price, I would bet).

I should have photos of the WCRB/WFCC/WCN studios up on the site some
time this week.  In that same vein, there are now pictures up of WESX
and WJDA.


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