Cape Cod Stations (was:Re: Alan Douglas?)

Ron Bello
Thu Mar 23 12:31:18 EST 2006

Although these 2 stations (but operated as 1) have have several different 
formats over the past 5 years,
they keep of returning to Oldies.  They cover the Cape quite well with 
overlap in the population center
of Hyannis.  The stations have been jock less for years as the voice 
tracking was minimal.
Listened yesterday and there are more interruptions to the music now than 

In Nassua's quest for a younger audience they are missing one point, the 
average age on the Cape is
old.  IIRC, Barnstable County is the oldest in the country.  60-70-80 year 
olders are not listening to
1980 hits.  Both WQRC and WOCN play a lot of old stuff with some that would 
be at home on a
"Music of Your LIfe" format.

At 09:56 PM 3/22/2006, David Tomm wrote:
>The stations that flipped are 93.5 in Harwich Port and 101.1 Mashpee.
>These are Class A FM's that used to be part of the old Boch Broadcasting 
>cluster.  They have simulcasted various formats off and on for many years 
>now.  Nassau owns these properties now and the new format is similar to 
>the Frank stations they run in New Hampshire (106.3/Nashua), and Maine 
>(107.5/Lewiston-Portland &105.5/Islesboro)
>On Mar 22, 2006, at 5:50 PM, Paul B. Currier wrote:
>>Yes, lower power commercial FM's broadcasting the same programming to cover
>>a decent area.
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>>>At 07:57 AM 3/22/2006, Paul B. Currier wrote:
>>>>And, two of our local low power stations that broadcast as one have
>>>>from automated oldies to automated "Frank FM".   They are now know as
>>WFRQ &
>>>>WFQR.   The article is in the Cape Cod Times today and may be online at
>>>>capecod  Scott Fybush has also been quoted in the article
>>>>that they are focusing on 70's & 80's hits.   Ho hum (for radio, not
>>>There is nothing in the article to indicate that these stations are
>>>LPFM's.  I believe they are regular commercial stations.  Perhaps you
>>>meant they are class A stations which are less power than Class B,
>>>but still orders of magnitude more than LPFM.
>>>Larry Weil
>>>Lake Wobegone, NH

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