Cape Cod Stations (was:Re: Alan Douglas?)

Paul B. Currier
Wed Mar 22 17:50:42 EST 2006

Yes, lower power commercial FM's broadcasting the same programming to cover
a decent area.

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> At 07:57 AM 3/22/2006, Paul B. Currier wrote:
> >And, two of our local low power stations that broadcast as one have
> >from automated oldies to automated "Frank FM".   They are now know as
> >WFQR.   The article is in the Cape Cod Times today and may be online at
> >capecod  Scott Fybush has also been quoted in the article
> >that they are focusing on 70's & 80's hits.   Ho hum (for radio, not
> There is nothing in the article to indicate that these stations are
> LPFM's.  I believe they are regular commercial stations.  Perhaps you
> meant they are class A stations which are less power than Class B,
> but still orders of magnitude more than LPFM.
> Larry Weil
> Lake Wobegone, NH

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