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A. Joseph Ross
Wed Mar 22 00:16:10 EST 2006

On 21 Mar 2006 at 6:11, John Bolduc wrote:

> Rex was there. Channel 50's new hostess with the first name of
> Portland (last name H....) appeared to be too young to appreciate
> who(m) she was interviewing. 

Hmm.  Could this be a pseudonym?  There was a Portland Hoffa, who was 
Fred Allen's wife and a regular on his radio show in the 1940s.
> A real awkward introduction would have you believing that she was
> about to interview Fred Rogers.  This was to the point that Rex had to
> interject that he was NOT Fred Rogers.

This doesn't surprise me.  Back in October 1989, Buffalo Bob Smith 
and Clarabell appeared at the Hampshire Mall in Hadley.  That 
weekend, there was some scavenger hunt going on at the University, 
and some kids turned up at the Mall looking for Rex Trailer.  They 
had been told Rex Trailer would be at the Mall, and they were 
supposed to get his autograph.  Buffalo Bob, who had never heard of 
Rex Trailer, was nonetheless obliging and gave them his autograph.
Obviously, the kids at the University at that time were too young to 
know of Buffalo Bob Smith, but had somehow heard of Rex Trailer.

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