Rex Trailer

John Bolduc
Tue Mar 21 09:11:33 EST 2006

Rex was there. Channel 50's new hostess with the first name of Portland
(last name H....) appeared to be too young to appreciate who(m) she was

A real awkward introduction would have you believing that she was about to
interview Fred Rogers.  This was to the point that Rex had to interject
that he was NOT Fred Rogers.

Calls into Rex were very brief and were cut off quickly as callers tried
to fondly tell of there childhood memories watching Boomtown.

The second half of the segment was spent will a woman who does a childrens
show on cable acess (Someone Rex had mentored). 

At the end, Rex, almost forcefully, got in a pitch for his Boomtown Video.
The hostess didn't seem prepared for that.

Rex looked good and remained composed throughout the process. I'm
wondering if this Portland H. is/was one of Rex's students at one time,
but I doubt it. She didn't do him justice.

As for Channel 50's website and Miss Portland, she is NOT listed on the
website as a host.

I was disappointed in the presentation.  

John B

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> Any report on his appearance?
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> > If I heard correctly , Rex Trailer will be on WZMY channel 50 Derry at
> > 9:00pm tonight (that's five minutes from now as I type this)

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