Pet Peeves

Doug Drown
Sun Mar 12 12:16:11 EST 2006

You're speaking of Marty Engstrom, who did daily weather reports from WMTW
Channel 8's transmitter building atop Mount Washington for years and
years --- right through the dead of winter.  He'd go up the mountain in a
big snow vehicle and would, of necessity, stay for days.  Marty retired
several years ago.  Though Scandinavian by ancestry, he has a very think
Maine drawl, and during his years on the air he actually had an organized
fan club.  I miss him.

Salty Brine of WPRO in Providence was also unmistakably a Yankee.  Never
lost his accent.


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> > I'm curious as to how many New England radio and TV
> > personalities still
> > maintain a regional accent.  Eddie Andelman comes to
> > mind, Howie Carr (who
> > lets a dropped "r" slip through now and then), and
> > Don Kent.  Any others? It
> > used to be common.
> Does Howie Carr really count?  He's really a columnist
> who happens to be on the radio...  Plz correct me if I
> am wrong about this.
> Even tho he no longer works, everybody's favorite TV
> star engineer Marty A(or is it E??) has always had
> that accent.  Again, on air work not his primary job.
> I am pretty certain that there's at least one jock on
> WBLM who has maintained the accent....
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