Transcription record question

Hakim Madjid
Tue Mar 7 21:48:13 EST 2006

> Come to think of it, assuming a one used a low-noise, low-distortion phono preamp (with adequate headroom), proper stylus and recorded the playback digitally (with a high-quality sound card,) then applying the eq difference between the NAB curve and another curve after the fact should yield the same result as eq'ing within the pre-amp.
> N'est ce pas?

I know of two phono preamps that can compensate for pre-RIAA discs.
One is sold by KAB, and it runs around $1K, and the other is made by a
Danish firm whose name escapes me at the moment, but the latter, IIRC,
runs around $1,600 with shipping to the US.

I know only too well, having done audio archiving work in the the past
inculding 78 RPM to CD audio remastering, that when it comes to
extreme legacy type formats, such as 16-inch transcription, 78 RPM
etc. The required gear to do an optimum job can be extremely
expensive. I suppose one can surf ebay for this gear and try and get a

And as has been pointed out there are other issues such as the optimum
pickup stylus geometry,  proper playback  of vertically cut

73, DE Hakim (N1ZFF)

73, DE Hakim (N1ZFF)

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