Transcription record question

Hakim Madjid
Tue Mar 7 01:19:29 EST 2006

Seriously, an internet outfit called Kab sells a tunrtable that will
play the transcription discs.  Be prepared to spend a lot of money
though, because with shipping it will cost $500+.

Their web site is

I have had good experiences with this outfit in purchasing gear to
play back 78 RPM shellac discs (they delivered on-time, as promised,
and in working condition).

So you might try the above.

73, DE Hakim (N1ZFF)

>With respect to the request for help finding a player for an old
transcription record, I >believe that there are transcription players
and/or lathes in the Museum of Broadcasting, >located in the back room
of WCAP, Lowell, right next to the Museum of Cooling (they >never
throw out broadcast equipment or old air conditioners, refrigerators,
ice boxes, as >one never knows when such things might be needed), and
not very far from the "ladies >entrance" to the barroom/first floor
tenant, Cappy's Copper Kettle.
>Good morning, all!

>>I have an transcription record from 1938 (supposedly from WB that
has some Carl >>Stalling elements as well as Mel Blanc voices on it),
and was looking for someone who >>might have the "proper" equipment to
play (and record) it. I suppose i could do it, but >>would rather have
"the right tools for the right job," and perhaps someone with a little
>>more knowledge handling it.

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