Jack Lazare Has Passed Away

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His name also lent itself to bad puns, as in, "Is that a bull of a watch?"
Alas, I can't remember any of the snappy, Groucho Marx-style rejoinders. And
I think he got into some sort of trouble with the FCC--maybe over
unauthorized transfer of control of one or more radio stations. Prior to
1943, when the FCC ruled out duopolies, he actually owned two stations in
New York. Besides WNEW (now WBBR), he owned WOV (now WADO). Both stations
were formed by combining stations that shared time on the same frequencies,
although on 1280, WHBI remained on the air until several years after the end
of World War II, making 1130 clearly the more desirable facility for many
years. Once the share-timers (except for WHBI) were consolidated, WNEW and
WOV swapped frequencies. WADO's famous Blaw-Knox diamond tower in Secaucus
(demolished a few years ago when WADO upgraded to 50 kW-D) started life as
WNEW's tower.

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> According to www.watch-universe.com/bulova_watches_history.htm
> 1926 - Bulova produces the nation's first ever radio spot commercial, "At
the tone, it's 8 PM, B-U-L-O-V-A Bulova watch time."
> Busy man.

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