"That Wascally Wabbitt" No More

A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Tue Mar 7 01:07:07 EST 2006

On 6 Mar 2006 at 7:27, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> I wonder whether your recent problems with receiving WCRB could be
> related to its HD Radio transmissions. 

Well, I've heard of HD producing hash on AM, but not on FM.  But I 
readily admit that I don't really know much about the technicalities 
involved.  I might add, I've only noticed the problem in my office 
downtown, not at home in Brookline.

> Another possibility could be new construction in the vicinity of your
> office. That could have a shielding effect. Are any buildings going up
> near your office--or has space within your building near your office
> recently been remodeled?

Not that I know of.
> And of course, you've said that it's a tube radio. Can't overlook the
> possibility of tubes slowly dying. 

No, the one in my office is a solid state radio.  I've been using a 
couple of tube sets at home, which haven't had any problems with 

> Or the AC line voltage in your office might have dropped by a small
> amount. It wouldn't take much of a change to reduce the radio's
> sensitivity. Have you moved the wall plug to a different socket? 

I don't know about the line voltage, but the radio has been plugged 
into the same place for years now.

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