"That Wascally Wabbitt" No More

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> Another possibility could be new construction in the vicinity of your
> office. That could have a shielding effect. Are any buildings going up near
> your office--or has space within your building near your office recently
> been remodeled?
Don't forget that the antenna they used from the period immediately after
being evicted from the WBZ-TV tower in Needham blew away during one of
those wind-blown storms last fall.  I don't know what WCRB is actually
using as an antenna although I took a special trip out to Chestnut Street
with my trusty binoculars (nobody clled Homeland Security).  I suspect
it's hanging from the actual tower itself, not the "flagpole" that had been
its home of late;  this would mean a lower altitude, but did they also
increase the power commensurately?   Maybe they're leaving a final facilities
fix to the new owner.


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