Worcester Tornadoes Baseball Drops WCRN

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Sun Mar 5 15:42:04 EST 2006

   The Can-Am League Worcester Tornadoes baseball team has dropped WCRN (830 
Worcester) as their broadcast home after one season. According to the 
Worcester Telegram & Gazette, WCRN is planning to sue the team over the loss 
of the games and advertising revenue. Team officials state they never signed 
a contract with the station last year, and the team's CEO says that every 
Tornadoes game will air on radio this season, with a number of stations 
taking turns. No doubt having various stations taking turns to broadcast 
games may cause confusion amongst fans who follow the team on the radio. Out 
of the stations licensed to Worcester, WTAG (580) is a Red Sox affiliate, 
it's possible they could carry some games that don't conflict with the Sox. 
Would WNEB (1230) break into it's religious format to carry baseball? WORC 
(1310) is Spanish, they most likely won't be carrying Tornadoes games. WVEI 
(1440) could land some games, as they don't have the Red Sox (surprising 
they don't, or does WTAG have a long term contract for Sox?). Highly 
unlikely the Tornadoes will land on WSRS (96.1) or WXLO (104.5), but maybe 
WORC-FM  (98.9) or WWFX (100.1) could end up in the game mix.

Mark Watson


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