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Sun Mar 5 08:47:29 EST 2006

They seem to be short on money - more than they normally are. I received a
beg letter from NHPTV this week saying their corporate donations are down
$113k over last year. We often think that because things are funded through
the CPB, these stations have it easy. But, in actuality, some of the
programming is very expensive. I was talking to a guy who used to program
NHPR and he said that back in 1999, the Diane Reihm show cost NHPR $15k per
year. The show, IMHO, is dreadfully boring. She sounds awful. $15k for one
hour of programming, five days a week, is a lot of money. Why not spend that
money locally? It makes me wonder why these stations - especially on the
radio side - don't just hire radio reporters instead and create more new
programming, making themselves more relevant to the listening community. 

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I heard an ad on AM radio this week (BZ or RKO) extolling the virtues of
having WGBH Channel Two help you sell your house.  Apparently they've
partnered with a Real Estate company that sells your house, gives a donation
to Channel Two and (drum roll here) you get "cash back!"  Whatta Deal!  

Is this something new?  Or are other Public Television stations doing the
same thing?

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