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Laurence Glavin
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> Air America in the Boston (WXKS/WKOX) seems to have dropped off the 
> page at Radio and Records.

Yes, but maybe they can turn out an audience.  Saturday night (06/24)
I went to "Laughing Liberally" at the Jimmy Tingle (real name) Off-Broadway
Theater at Davis Square, Somerville.  It's a good thing  I ordered my
tickets ahead-of-time...there was a sign in front of the theater that
the 7:30 pm show was sold-out, latecomers would have to wait for
the second show at 10:00p pm.  J.T. was the MC of the show featuring
some first-rate left\leaning comics.  At the beginning of his own 
regular show ("Jimmy Tingle's America" which I saw last fall) and again
Saturday night, he asks the audience what medium caused them to show
up and spend some moolah for tickets.  First he mentioned the two
dailies plus the Phoenix, then Air America Radio.  I can testify that 
AAR got the largest number of raised hands  Including mine).
BTW, speaking of the JTOBT, I noticed that on Wednesday, July 19th,
they're going to put on a "Rex TRailers Boomtown" retrospective.
I never got RTB, but I've noticed that there are some fans out there,
so herewith the notice handed out to patrons last weekend:

Film Screening and Reunion with Rex Trailer!  This July, the Emmy(tm)-
nominated documentary about Rex Trailer and his pioneering children's
TV show screens at the JTOBT.  The film features interviews with 
Jimmy Tingle, Steve Wright, Lenny Clark, Jay Leno, Mayor Tom Menino(!),
and more.  Tickets are $25 and include a free Redbones (a Davis Square eatery)
buffet.  Q&A with Rex Trailer and director Michael Bavaro follows the
screening.  That's Wednesday July 19th, ..6:00pm buffet; 7:30 pm 

For more info, visit

For tickets, 1-866-811-4111;  there's no handling charge.


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