Air America in Boston

David Tomm
Mon Jun 26 15:09:02 EDT 2006

I would assume you mean 1430, which would not be needed to simulcast 
WKOX once the move & power increase to 1200 happens.  I doubt the 
standards would come back, as the demos are difficult to sell, even if 
some cume is there.  I suppose leasing it out or selling the signal 
outright could be a possibility for Clear  Channel--or maybe they'd put 
on an automated or satellite Spanish language format and see what they 
could do with that.

Dave Tomm	
"Mike Thomas"

On Jun 26, 2006, at 2:57 PM, Garrett Wollman wrote:

> <<On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 14:07:21 -0400, "A. Joseph Ross" 
> <> said:
>> I don't suppose they might bring back Music of Your Life.
> The only reason Clear Channel ever bought it was that it came as a 
> package
> (when Clear Channel merged with Chancellor which got it from Evergreen
> which got it from Pyramid along with Kiss).
> I would not be at all surprised to see them lease it out to someone; I
> know they can't do much to improve the signal, but it may be more
> trouble to sell than it's worth.
> -GAWollman

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