FM Reception

Rod O'Connor
Sat Jun 24 14:09:36 EDT 2006

FM DX reception has been interesting here on the DownEast Coast too..Many of the FMs from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have been coming in with local quality here since Thursday..even interfering with some of the stronger Bangor FMs here.

I usually get fringe reception of St. John NB FMs, but for past couple days they have been much stronger..  I should break out my 80's vintage portable B&W TV and see how VHF/UHF conditions are too.  The TV even goes up to UHF Chan.83.

Another indicator is traffic on my scanner, When I get VHF Marine FM (156.8-157.3mhz) from Halifax and Yarmouth NS, that's a definite sign of good DX!

These warm muggy conditions are often good for DXing here...

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine

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