All Access hints at WKLB freq switch

Don A.
Fri Jun 23 02:10:30 EDT 2006

> > My guess is that Nassau will wind up with that property as well.  They
> > already own three FMs on the Cape (the two Franks and WPXC) and they
> > have room to add another to that cluster, so it would make sense to
> > They also own the
> > W-Bach stations up in Maine which already use the WCRB syndicated
> > service, so they may just keep the classical going for awhile on all
> > the stations.
> Well, we can hope.  We've heard that WCRB has been quite profitable,
> though it may not do quite as well on the 99.5 signal.

The real question to be answered is...How much did Nassau pay for 99.5 and
for the WCRB intellectual property?

THAT will indicate what they will have to make for a profit.

Typically, an asset has to justify it's existance.

Do we know what Nassau is paying for the property?

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