All Access hints at WKLB freq switch

Sean Smyth
Fri Jun 23 10:02:40 EDT 2006

On Fri, 23 Jun 2006 00:54:22 -0400
 "A. Joseph Ross" <> wrote:
>Well, we can hope.  We've heard that WCRB has been quite
>though it may not do quite as well on the 99.5 signal.

See, this is what I don't understand -- while people say
classical can be a money-losing format, I would think it would
generate healthy profits for a number of reasons, including:

-- aren't the most popular pieces in the public domain?
wouldn't that mean little to no money headed toward music
-- voice-tracked programming, like WCRB does, now is fairly
easy to pull off
-- the stereotypical upscale audiences should be a gold mine
for advertisers. maybe not the typical ads we hear on radio for
the Coca-Colas of the world, but many classical listeners have
healthy disposable incomes (even if some are beyond the 25-54
age bracket).

I must be missing something here. Even with ridiculous debt
service, I would imagine the format would make a healthy profit
in many markets by being the only (commercial) game in town for
that particular demo.

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