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On 16 Jun 2006 at 11:37, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Back in the 50s, WSNY was a fabulously successful station focusing
> entirely on Schenectady and its nearby suburbs. Had a VERY
> professional sound and a spot load of at least 20 minutes per hour all
> day long. Nearly all of the spots were locally produced and
> prerecorded using music and effects from several suppliers. The
> transmitter location, southwest of Schenectady, kept the signal from
> really penetrating Albany or Troy, but Schenectady was booming then
> and WSNY was doing better serving just the one city than most of the
> larger stations did trying to serve all of them.

I remember getting WZSNY quite well in Guilderland.
> 1460 (then WOKO), in particular, had a very down-at-the-heels sound.
> It was the plaything of its owner, Col Jim Healy, a local Rush
> Limbaugh of his day. He used to broadcast ultra-right-wing
> commentaries, which he voiced himself, in tones and cadences not
> unlike Limbaugh's. Of course, there were no call-ins, and Healy's
> commentaries ran only about 15 minutes but I think he recorded them
> and rebroadcast at around 6:00 PM the ones that ran live at noon.
> Healy certainly LOOKED the part, a distinguished-looking,
> silver-haired, significantly overweight, sixty-ish gent who, IIRC,
> liked expensive cigars.
What I remember hearing on WOKO was a regular hour every evening of 
Elvis Presley.

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