Morning Drive Changeover at WBOQ

Steve Ordinetz
Fri Jun 16 12:23:12 EDT 2006

Eli Polonsky asked...
> That said, I don't really know how these stations are run,
> but why is WATD in Marshfield be able to keep a full-time
> live air staff with a (somewhat) similar musical format
> serving the South Shore, while WBOQ is automated or voice
> tracked evenings and nights (and rumored for afternoons
> soon as well) serving the North Shore? Is the South Shore
> a more lucrative Gold-based-AC demo than the North Shore?

Hasn't WATD had the same ownership ever since it signed on?  The mortgage
has probably been paid off so that's one less (rather large) bill that
needs to be paid.  Many stations VT because they can...aside from us radio
geeks very few people can tell the difference, and even fewer care.

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