WCAP 55th Birthday Party Report

bill.smith@comcast.net bill.smith@comcast.net
Tue Jun 13 22:56:47 EDT 2006

Ike also told me the tale of first being licensed to Lawrence. He was more worried about WLAW, which had night service and had won authority to go 50kw, than about WCCM, which seemed to be forever a daytimer without even  to protect CKLW.  As Ike explained it, getting WTRY to go along with CAP's power increase to 5kw/24 hours was not much of a problem to the two operators; 'TRY's owners told him "the signals will mix over the Berkshires. Who the hell lives there?"

The original station sign-on was voiced by a famous sports guy, I believe Ike said it was Ted Husing, who was also working as a DJ with Ike at WMGM when the CAP signed on.  If I recall  correctly, Ike told me the same guy had done the original sign-ons for the two other WCAPs.  

The first air shift was done by Ray Goulding.

The day WCAP "went five," even the third brother, Teddy, was on hand. His first-class ticket was posted next to the remote control.

Favorite Fun Fact of the night:  Mo saying that Northeast Radio turned down a substantial cash offer to dump the calls.

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