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Donald A wrote:

The whole HD radio thing is only about a year old.


Try 10 or 12 years. Really! You can probably read the history at iBiquity's
Web site. I haven't checked, but it seems natural that the history would be
there. Of course, until proven otherwise, any history at iBiquity's site
should be regarded as, well, biased. iBiquity is the product of a merger
between two competing companies: USA Digital Radio (formed by many large
group broadcasters of the time, some of which have, themselves, merged in
the meantime) and Lucent Digital Radio. It is truly amazing that such smart
people could manage to come up with such a badly flawed scheme, could so
completely ignore the laws of physics and the subtleties of existing
broadcast technology, and could devise such onerous licensing arrangements.
I think that any rational, objective observer would have to conclude that
iBiquity et al have a serious death wish. Of couse, many who watch the radio
industry are cheering for the death wish ;>)

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> >
> > The roll out of HD Radio is among the most
> > mismanaged product introductions
> > IMO.
> > When Disney premiers a new movie the stores are
> > stocked with branded
> > merchandise.
> That's easy when Disney owns everything.  ;-)
> Seriously, when you have to coordinate competing radio
> manufacturers, competing broadcasters, factories in
> Japan and the whole automotive industry....and then
> line up some stores to carry them.........I think they
> had done a pretty good job of getting everybody on
> board for a first step.
> Remember how "AM Stereo" faltered?  Confusion,
> competing systems, etc.  I'm amazed that HD this many
> people on board with any kind of agreement!
> > Try and find a home receiver (not table radio) with
> > HD Radio.  There are
> > none that will
> > receive the sub-channels.
> Right now it is still in the novelty stages....and
> portables, auto sets and table-tops are the first out
> to test the waters.  They were (no doubt) easier to
> get into production.
> They have to overcome the "Radios won't be built until
> people want it....and people won't want it until
> radios are built!
> The whole HD thing is starting slowly....table tops,
> car the same time the HD channels are
> being programmed in a very basic way.....automated,
> etc.
> > A salesman in Tweeter
> > told me that none of the
> > car radios do
> > either.
> My understanding is that some cars (high end no doubt)
> WILL have HD radio installed coming this fall.
> HD car radios are found easily.
> > He also told me that customers come in
> > asking for the product
> > because of the
> > advertising campaign but Tweeter has nothing to
> > satisfy the demand.
> The whole HD radio thing is only about a year old.
> Tweeter HAS since taken the first step to getting
> involved.
> Radio Shack and Crutchfield are also carrying them.
> > By the
> > time
> > there is product the demand will be gone.
> The product is there....and the radio ads point people
> to Radio Shack, Crutchfield and others.
>'s a slow start.
> It may be like the arrival of FM.
> FM radio really didn't mature until it started being
> available regularly in the cars.  That should start
> this fall.
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