Roger Kolakowski
Mon Jun 12 20:04:22 EDT 2006

An interesting article in an insert inside the latest edition of Radio or
Broadcast Engineer Magazine or another of the same ilk, concerning Boston
Acoustics' "Receptor" Radio ($299) and it's inability to actually receive
the HD signals as it was designed to do out of the box.

With much hand wringing and research, it was determined that supplied
extendable whip was too inefficient to provide the signal strength required
for HD although it worked fine on "standard" (FM) broadcast. (Remember when
"Standard Broadcast" meant AM?)

The solution was to throw a "twinlead" FM antenna into the box to assist
with HD reception.

(At least with Stereo AM they gave you a car to go around it!)


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> The roll out of HD Radio is among the most mismanaged product
> IMO.
> When Disney premiers a new movie the stores are stocked with branded
> merchandise.
> Try and find a home receiver (not table radio) with HD Radio.  There are
> none that will
> receive the sub-channels.

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