WCAP 55th Birthday Party Report

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The Asbury Park WCAP was part of the three-way all-New Jersey time-share on
1310 (post NARBA). The other two stations were WCAM. Camden and WTNJ,
Trenton. The FCC split up this arrangement sometime in the 40s or 50s with
WTNJ moving to 1300 and becoming a daytimer (originally with 250W ND and
eventually with 5 kW DA-D). The Asbury Park station (by then, I think, WJLK)
and WCAM became 250W-U Class IVs on the 1310 Class III channel. WCAM is by
now probably a Class B (if its antenna meets Class B efficiency
requirements) albeit with facilities no different than if it were a Class C
(the latter-day embodiment of Class IV AMs). WJLK increased its power and
went directional. It is now definitely a Class B, I believe with 2.5 kW-D/1
kW-N DA-2.

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> > Does anyone know what the call letters stand for...or why they were
> > (Was it simply that Ike "liked" them?)
> Originally, WCAP was a station in Washington, owned by AT&T; the call
> letters stood for the name of the local Bell Operating Company, the
> Chesapeake And Potomac Telephone Company.  That station I believe
> turned into WRC when AT&T sold its stations to RCA (see also WEAF).
> The second WCAP was in the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey.
> -GAWollman

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