Thank you to Everyone...

Gary's Ice Cream
Sun Jun 11 16:42:27 EDT 2006

Thank you to everyone who made the WCAP 55th Anniversary Party & Reunion
such a BIG success Saturday night, June 10th.

When I first conceived of the idea a few months ago I wondered if we could
possibly fill 4 hours of radio with the voices of the past....thanks to a
HUGE turnout of former WCAP alumni we could have gone for 2 or 3 MORE hours!

I don't want to start mentioning names because I will leave someone
out....but big thank you's to Bill O'Neill who came down from Vermont to
host the event for Mark Watson for being the technical person
behind it Dan Bouret for the Music Sweeps........and to Donna
Halper for representing the Mass Assoc of Broadcasters in presenting Maurice
Cohen with a plaque in recognition of his 55 years of service to Lowell.

It was great seeing people who I only knew by voice.....and seeing people
like Bill Smith and Mary Blake that I had worked with at WRKO in my various
stints there as a fill-in talk show host.

Again.....thank you to everyone who made the evening special for Maurice
Cohen.  I did record the entire show and will be able to fit all 4 hours (in
mp3 format) on a CD or DVD.  Pictures are being sent in from many of the
people who came - I will be putting them all together on a CD-Rom as well.

-Gary Francis (Frascarelli)
News Director, WCAP
And Gary's Ice Cream, Chelmsford and Lowell, MA

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