WCAP 55th Birthday Party Report

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Sun Jun 11 09:51:20 EDT 2006

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> What Mark didn't mention is how he was the glue that bound the event 
> together! Low-tech won-out last night with a steno-pad and pen being 
> passed back and forth between Mark and me on the fly as new guest would 
> arrive or chatter points on people who were in the wings.

   I didn't want to pat myself on the back!! <g>  However, Bill O' Neill did 
a yeoman's job keeping the show flowing smoothly. methinks he could have 
gone on for another 4 hours!!

Gary Francis'
> efforts were monumental. From conceiving the idea of the broadcast, 
> arranging for dignitaries, presentations,  right down to gathering, 
> preparing and decorating the walls of the Gary's Ice Cream restaurant 
> location with dozens of WCAP memorabilia.

   I second the kudos for Gary. Gary & I had several lunches & suppers over 
the past few talking about pulling the event off, and of course Bill O was 
in the loop via e-mails & phone calls whenever one of us tracked down yet 
another alum.

> old buddy Bill Smith, as well, who was still able to recite, verbatim, a 
> radio spot for the now former Mercier's Brothers Car and Van Wash, all in 
> the stylings of former WCAP morning guy, and later WKOX broadcaster, John 
> Tucker.

   And I remember not only the long-gone car wash (longtime Noon news 
sponsor 7 days a week on WCAP) but John Tucker's unique stylings on that 
spot and Bill Smith did a great job on the re-read without any script.
> If my memory and notes are right, packed into four hours, we were 
> fortunate to be joined on mic by: Scott Fybush, Donna Halper, Mark Watson, 
> Joe Corcoran, Dave Faneuf, Mary Blake, Bill Smith, Susan Czepiel, Julie 
> Stinneford (Sider), Doug Barker, Mark Adams, Joe Abrams, Don & Anita Hill, 
> Fred Faust, Dan Gillette, Ray Tremblay,  Dan Boure, Casey Crane,  Barry 
> Pretzel, Pat McCarthy along with WCAP PD Ryan Johnston (voice of Spinners 
> and Lock Monsters), Regina Fatacanti, George Anthes, John McDonough and 
> Linda Bown.

   And Maurice Cohen had more on mic time last night then he ever had in the 
past 55 years. One person was overheard telling another that he'll be 
getting his own daily show: "Middays With Maurice".  <g>

Mark Watson.

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