Gues We Were All Wrong

Sid Schweiger
Fri Jun 9 08:20:10 EDT 2006

>>For those that have mused, pondered and queried, the article may be
found at:

After establishing an empirical number of people who are "satisfied"
terrestrial radio, the article concludes "people just LOVE their
So radio must be like sex...when it's just satisfactory, it's still
damn good.<<

One of the better recent examples of drawing self-evident conclusions
from junk surveys which make people feel good and tell those who paid
for the so-called survey exactly what they wanted to hear.  Think about
it for a moment.  They interviewed "terrestrial radio listeners."  I
don't see where they interviewed people who listen to satellite radio,
Internet radio, iPods and the like, or more importantly those who have
abandoned radio altogether.  Of COURSE most of the people who listen to
terrestrial radio like it!!!  Unless you live in a cave, it's impossible
not to know that there are alternatives, and if you haven't latched onto
one of those alternatives, you must have at least some degree of
satisfaction with the status quo.

hear2 is an arm of Mercury Radio Research, which is completely beholden
to the radio industry which pays for such so-called research.  Heaven
forbid these people might actually seek out those who don't listen to
terrestrial radio anymore, ask them why they gave up on it and what
terrestrial radio can do to get them back.  Such data would be far more
useful than this piece of crapola...but I'm also betting that the
terrestrial radio industry might not like the answers to such

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