Gues We Were All Wrong

Garrett Wollman
Wed Jun 7 17:53:34 EDT 2006

<<On Wed, 07 Jun 2006 15:45:53 -0600, "Sid Schweiger" <> said:

> They asked "terrestrial radio listeners," thus implying that they
> DIDN'T ask satellite radio listeners, Internet radio listeners, or those
> who have abandoned radio altogether.

I believe I'm the only person in my immediate group at work (eight
people aged 25-54) who listens to commercial radio.  Probably all of
us would hang up on Arbitron if they ever called to ask if we would
keep a diary, and I don't think anyone would be wiling to carry a PPM
either.  (Maybe for $100; not for $1.)  At least two of us, maybe
more, don't have land-lines at all.


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