Talk for Women

David Tomm
Fri Jun 2 16:41:23 EDT 2006

  Premiere will occasionally drop programs they have a hard time finding 
affiliates for, but the shows will continue as long as someone pays 
them for distribution and sales representation.  This happened to the 
show Rockline.  It was dropped by Premiere but it has continued since 
host Bob Coburn owns the show.  He does the affiliate legwork that 
Premiere used to do and pays them for the studio space, satellite usage 
fees and commission for any sales the network generates for them.  Take 
On The Day has a similar arrangement.

IIRC, Premiere did indeed drop Dr Laura due to declining affiliates in 
the wake of her TV show being cancelled, but Take On The Day was formed 
to keep the show going.  Now that "female talk" is becoming the next 
big thing, Dr. Laura is prominent on the Premiere website, even though 
they technically don't own the show anymore.

On Jun 2, 2006, at 3:57 PM, R Trovato wrote:

>> However, affiliate relations (i.e. clearances) are handled by "Take On
>> The Day" Radio, a company run by her and a couple of investors.
>> Premiere handles some sales and the physical distribution of the show,
>> for which Take On The Day reimburses them.
> I don't know if this is because "Premiere dropped her"...or that she 
> decided
> she wanted to own more of the show.
> Years back, Bruce Williams decided he wanted to "self-syndicate" and 
> own his
> own show.
> (And was never heard from again!)  ;-)

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