Talk for Women

R Trovato
Fri Jun 2 02:30:12 EDT 2006

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> On Thu, June 1, 2006 17:11, Charlie Profit said:
> > Actually, Dr. Laura has "re-imaged" herself. She is not as
> > 'confrontational' as she used to be.

Hmmmm...I've been hearing her late-night on WTTT while in the car.

She *still* sounds as confrontational and condescending to me!

I don't think she's changed at all.

However, I haven't heard her take any calls about gay issues.

>From what I recall, they gay issues are what got her into trouble in the
first place....and probably doomed her television program.

You might recall activists who set up this site:

I wonder if she steers clear of those topics.

Funny....she was once on all the major talkers in all the big markets.  Now
she appears to be on the "second tier" of talkers...and mostly in small


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