It's officially, officially, officially official (WCRB/WKLB, that is)

Scott Fybush
Mon Jul 31 15:16:08 EDT 2006

> Does Nassau yet have a CP to move 97.5 to where is it officially?
> Burlington
> NJ? with transmitter either within Philadelphia or very close by? (and a
> tight directional pattern to protect a station in DE). Or is that move
> still
> just an application? If just an application, what happens if the FCC
> doesn't
> grant the CP?

The CP was granted in April. 97.5 will be 26 kW/208 m from the same
Wyndmoor tower where WJJZ 106.1 is. (It's the old channel 3 tower from the
late forties/early fifties, and was later used by channel 17.)

It is a DA, but not as tight as you'd imagine. The major pull-in is to
97.3 Harrisburg, and the only part of the metro where 97.5 will fall short
of the Roxborough signals at all significantly is in the extreme western

> I'm rather surprised that the Philly move-in has been assigned greater
> monetary value than 99.5 here. Yeah, Philly is a larger market than
> Boston.
> And yeah 97.5 will be closer to Philadelphia than 99.5 is to Boston, but
> the
> transmitter location of the Philly station will have the same kinds of
> problems as 99.5 has and won't ever be truly compeititive with the signals
> that emanate from Roxborough. Also, given that Greater has never achieved
> ratings from 95.7 that are equivalent to those it garnered when it was
> classical, what are the chances that Cumulus would take its new 97.5
> classical? It might now be impssible to coax many former 95.7 listeners to
> switch from WRTI to 97.5, I suppose.

Cumulus? I'll guess you meant "Greater" there.

The new 97.5 will be a MUCH more significant player in Philly than 99.5 is
in Boston, for two reasons. First, it's much closer to the city center
(the tower is just a few hundred yards from the northern city line), and
second, the Roxborough stations create much less of an intermod problem
than the Pru does, being in a less dense population area away from the
downtown core.


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