It's officially, officially, officially official (WCRB/WKLB, that is)

Dan Strassberg
Mon Jul 31 14:49:34 EDT 2006

Does Nassau yet have a CP to move 97.5 to where is it officially? Burlington
NJ? with transmitter either within Philadelphia or very close by? (and a
tight directional pattern to protect a station in DE). Or is that move still
just an application? If just an application, what happens if the FCC doesn't
grant the CP?

I'm rather surprised that the Philly move-in has been assigned greater
monetary value than 99.5 here. Yeah, Philly is a larger market than Boston.
And yeah 97.5 will be closer to Philadelphia than 99.5 is to Boston, but the
transmitter location of the Philly station will have the same kinds of
problems as 99.5 has and won't ever be truly compeititive with the signals
that emanate from Roxborough. Also, given that Greater has never achieved
ratings from 95.7 that are equivalent to those it garnered when it was
classical, what are the chances that Cumulus would take its new 97.5
classical? It might now be impssible to coax many former 95.7 listeners to
switch from WRTI to 97.5, I suppose.

Dan Strassberg,
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> Greater Media just sent out the press release confirming what we've all
> known all along - WCRB to 99.5 under Nassau, WKLB to 102.5 under Greater
> Media, and Greater gets Nassau's Philly move-in on 97.5.
> All the details now up at NERW...
> s

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