Study: Terrestrial Radio Still Wins In New Music Discovery

Howard Glazer
Wed Jul 26 12:25:10 EDT 2006

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Subject: Study: Terrestrial Radio Still Wins In New Music Discovery

> A study conducted in June (2500 persons 12-54 sampled) shows that 45% of
those surveyed mention Terrestrial Radio as their preferred place to
discover new music.  Peer-to-peer was 20%, Internet radio 13% and satellite
radio mentioned only 1% of the time.  Even among teens, terrestrial won out
at 38%.

Well, with only about 11 million subscriptions between the two companies,
and a good number of those subscriptions being either multiple radios owned
by the same person or not being used at all (Sirius reportedly counts unsold
cars with activated Sirius radios installed sitting on dealers' lots as paid
subscriptions.), how well would anyone expect satellite radio to do? It's a
technology that's gotten a lot of buzz, and I enjoy it tremendously, but
it's far from reaching critical mass. And now sales are slowing and stock
prices are plummeting -- could the golden age of satellite radio, such as it
was, be over already?


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