WATD cut out by WCRI tonight in Somerville

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Wed Jul 26 07:35:45 EDT 2006

I don't know what the rules are today for spacing of co-channel Class A FMs,
but I believe that the original rule was 65 miles--although I could be wrong
about that. When the spacing rules were originally established, I believe
Class As were limited to 1 kW at 250'. Today, a full Class A is allowed 6 kW
at 328', but I don't think the minimum spacing was increased when the
maximum power/HAAT were increased. More likely, the permissible level of
interference was increased. The distance from Marshfield to Block Island
could certainly be less than 65 miles, but if the area of prohibited overlap
lies over open ocean, the workable spacing could well be less than normal.
Also, the reported interference was, of course, tropospheric ducting. It has
always existed at these frequencies, particularly in coastal regions during
hot, humid weather, but the spacing rules have never attempted to recognize

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> Eli Polonsky wrote:
> >I was just listening to WATD 95.9 in Marshfield here in
> >Somerville, and a skip from WCRI 95.9 Block Island, RI
> >just came up, and has completely obliterated WATD with
> >classical music.
> That seems awfully short-spaced for a co-channel.

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