Tower hunter (cont'd)

Scott Fybush
Sun Jul 23 20:17:06 EDT 2006

Garrett Wollman wrote:

> Most if not all of these were probably built after the war ended (at
> least in Europe):
> 1945-01-01	#1010770 in Stallings, Illinois (owned by CBS but what?)

You've been there. I was standing there with you. It's one of "the 25" 
former I-A clears that we're still trying to finish seeing. I believe 
the locals call the area "Pontoon Beach," not "Stallings." And whatever 
was built there in 1945 most certainly is not there now, judging by the 
newish look of the tower that's currently standing.

I tend to be rather distrustful of many of these dates. I'm pretty 
certain the FAA wasn't checking to see whether the dates of construction 
submitted by stations on their ASRN applications in the late nineties 
were spot-on correct, and knowing the state of archives at many of these 
stations, I strongly suspect a lot of these are just "best guesses." I 
know the 1/1/45 date for WHAM isn't right, just for starters.


> 1945-01-01	#1049882 in Marshall, Minn. (KMHL?)
> 1945-01-01	#1052779 in Fairfield, Ohio
> 1945-01-01	#1224192 in Albany, Georgia
> 1945-01-01	A three-tower array including #1234261 in Merced, California
> 1945-01-01	Starboard's station in Poynette, Wisconsin
> 1945-01-01	WHAM
> 1945-01-01	WJOB
> 1945-01-01	WSBT
> 1945-01-01	WSCR
> 1945-06-01	WTKS


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