Tower hunter (cont'd)

Garrett Wollman
Sun Jul 23 16:54:11 EDT 2006

<<On Sun, 23 Jul 2006 16:23:19 -0400, Garrett Wollman <> said:

> 1941-02-01	WGIR
> 1941-10-01	WTAG tower 4
[big gap]
> 1945-01-01	910 New Britain, whatever its current calls may be

For the curious, the following current facilities were built during
World War II:

1942-01-01	KABC
1942-01-01	KADA
1942-01-01	KFEQ
1942-01-01	WBBM (main and aux)
1942-01-01	WHKY
1942-01-01	WKZO
1942-01-01	WMBS

I have no doubt that all of these were built or at least had steel on
hand before Pearl Harbor.  Only a few, in this interpretation, were
built during the war proper:

1942-04-01	#1241301 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma (KWON?)
1943-01-01	KXEL
1943-12-01	WABC
1944-01-01	A five-tower array including #1023871 in Broadview Hts., Ohio
1944-01-01	WXEG

Now I know that WNAX's day tower was built during the war, but for
some reason, ASRS says it was constructed in 1991.  There are probably
others that are missing from this list for similar reasons.  (For
example, the WLW tower was built before the war, but doesn't show up
because it was modified in 1979.)

Most if not all of these were probably built after the war ended (at
least in Europe):

1945-01-01	#1010770 in Stallings, Illinois (owned by CBS but what?)
1945-01-01	#1049882 in Marshall, Minn. (KMHL?)
1945-01-01	#1052779 in Fairfield, Ohio
1945-01-01	#1224192 in Albany, Georgia
1945-01-01	A three-tower array including #1234261 in Merced, California
1945-01-01	Starboard's station in Poynette, Wisconsin
1945-01-01	WHAM
1945-01-01	WJOB
1945-01-01	WSBT
1945-01-01	WSCR
1945-06-01	WTKS


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