My Visit To Stiles Hill

Laurence Glavin
Sat Jul 15 15:42:24 EDT 2006

Scott's NERW news for last Monday indicated that WUNI-TV might bring
down their longtime analog antenna and lift a new analog/DT antenna
during the weekend.  That can stretch from Friday PM through Monday AM,
but just for fun, since I had a window of opportunity Saturday afternoon
and I know exactly how to get there, I drove down to the Boylston, Mass
tower site on the chance that all this activity would happen then.  I
was also curious to ascertain if WAAF-FM was finally up there to stay.
Well it was a quiet weekend in Boylston, sign of any activity
on Stiles Hill, and the TV antenna atop the tower looked as though it 
has weathered many a New England winter (30-plus years?).  But it DOES
appear that WAAF is indeed transmitting from this site now.  Using both
my car radio and less selective headset radio, I could pick up WAAF's 
IBOC hash from 105.7 right through 107.9. They certainly are obliterating 
the signals in the upper end of the dial (using the imagery of
an old-fashioned rotating tuner), but I suspect that G. M. and CCU
in turn are returning the favor in downtown Boston!  


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