seven second delay?

Howard Glazer
Sat Jul 15 09:55:12 EDT 2006

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> Rick Kelly wrote:
> > On 7/14/06, Bob Nelson <> wrote:
> >> I think there's some kind of delay difference between WEEI and NESN
> >> those who want to hear the radio broadcast but watch the TV
> >> coverage...)
> >
> > I have tried that, and no they don't sync up well at all.  It's not
> > that I mind Don and Remdawg, I like hearing Jerry Trupiano though, he
> > is very quite cleaver asnd talented.  BTW, same thing with the
> > internet radio broadcast and TV.  They don't sync up.
> Nothing syncs up anymore. There are too many places in the chain of a
> typical broadcast (radio or TV) these days where the signal can get
> delayed, and so many different ways in which those signals reach the
> viewer/listener that it's impossible to sync radio to TV (or vice versa)
> in a way that's going to satisfy everyone.
> If you're watching NESN on analog cable, you're seeing a different delay
> from the guy watching on digital cable, who's seeing a different delay
> from the guy watching on Dish Network or DirecTV, who's seeing yet
> another different delay from the guy watching in HD. There's so much
> digital signal processing going on in my digital cable box that even
> when it's tuned to an analog cable channel, it introduces a noticeable
> delay against straight analog reception. (Very noticeable when I have my
> analog TV on in my office and Lisa's watching the same channel through
> the cable box in the next room!)

Here in Connecticut, using an old analog cable box, I notice a difference
between the WWOR and WCTX feeds of the same Yankees game on my cable system.
The action on the New York station is slightly ahead of the action on the
Hartford station.


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