Could we see ESPN 1260?

Dan Strassberg
Thu Jul 13 16:06:15 EDT 2006

Maybe WMKI has a better signal than WAMG/WLLH where YOU live, but that sure
isn't the case where I live. I do think, though, that 890 would make a
better signal for Radio Disney than 1260 does because 890 covers the
affluent MetroWest area and 1260 does not do so to any meaningful extent.
The 890 coverage area must include much more of Radio Disney's target
audience than does the 1260 coverage area, which at night primarily includes
only the cities of Boston and Quincy and a number of communities along the
North Shore. During the daytime, you can add additional communities in the
South Shore, some of which (Hingham, for example) are quite affluent.

WAMG holds a CP to increase its night power from 3.4 kW to 6 kW and modify
its night pattern. This is not a huge change. According to the consulting
enginer on the project, the change would consist mainly of replacing some
components in the night phasor. The phasor itself would not be replaced. The
population served at night would increase significantly. The question in my
mind is whether Jessamy will spring for the money for the job (probably less
than $100k). Given that she is reported to ration individual sheets of
writing paper to staff members, $100k sounds WAY out of her league. It would
be a shame if this CP were not built, but even with 3.4 kW, the night
reception here in Arlington Heights is quite acceptable on nearly all

Dan Strassberg,
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> Good point. I will say 1260's signal is better than that of 890/1400.
> If ESPN did move to 1260, Radio Disney could turn up at 890/1400 or
> maybe even 1510 if Sporting News
> Radio goes out of biz.
> Yes the national advertisers are happy but how about the local ones?
> ESPN at 1260
> could hire Felger to do his afternoon show, on a stronger
> signal...Anyway, it appears to be happening in Cleveland and I wonder
> if it'll happen here.
> by the way, some format similarities in Boston and Cleveland:
> 850: Sports (WEEI Boston, WKNR Cleveland)
> 99.5: Country (WKLB Lowell, WGAR Cleveland)
> 1260: Radio Disney (WMKI Boston, WWMK Cleveland)
> 89.7: Public (WGBH Boston, WKSU Kent OH)
> 100.7: Rock (WZLX Boston, WMMS Cleveland)

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